RULES!!!! Read it and weep!!!(...with tears of joy)

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RULES!!!! Read it and weep!!!(...with tears of joy)

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:23 am

>No advertising commercial websites!!! None at ALL!!! Blogs and your own sites are fine but just put it in your signature. Nothing commercial!!! (e.g. Safeway, Gametraders, or your own company if your that rich Wink)
>Links to sites that are relative to the subject or something that will spark a new subject are okay as well. (e.g. Youtube links, stuff like that.)

>NO ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS. This includes Sockpuppets.

>Double Posting looks clumsy and lame, so it isn't against the rules, just if you make a mistake in your first post we would prefer it if you clicked the edit button.
>No Trolling or Flaming. Try your best not to start arguments, because all they do is kick up a lot of fuss.
>No Swearing. Mild words like stupid and hell are okay, but avoid having to swear.

>Nothing Illegal.

Basically, if this forum was a movie, it would be rated PG. Disobey the rules and you may be temporarily or even permanently banned. Post a reply if you have a question. And most of all, try to have fun. lol!

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